Fangchuan Village

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Fangchuan Village covers an area of 20 square kilometers. The mere stone, which was engraved the word ‘Tu (soil)’ was set up by Wu Dacheng, the envoy of Qing Dynasty, and the commissary of tsarist Russia in 1886. It is only 15 kilometers from the Tumen River Port. You can overlook the Japan Sea. When you ascend the watchtower around the hill, you can relish the moment of Japan Sea thronged with mist and a panoramic view of three countries. The left is Primosky Krai of Russia while the right is RyangKang Do City of DPRK. The surface area of Lotus Lake is 480,000 square meters and the width of east is 480 meters. The longest distance from the south to north is by far 1,000 meters. The water of lake is limpid. The east adjoins the mountain cluster; the other three sides are surrounded by forest. Every year, the lake is thronged with the lotuses naturally, which are picked by local dwellers. It is a wonder because the view can last a long time. Zhanggu Lake is one of the important views of Fangchuan Scenic Area. Its location is on the one kilometer west of Zhanggu Peak. The length is 800 meters and the width is 700 meters. The water of the lake is crystal and peaceful, surrounded by mountains. Green mountains and the clear water of lake integrating the sand hills present amazing scenery. Zhanggu Peak is also called Knife Mountain, which is located on the Sino-Russia boundary line 1.5 kilometers north of Fangchuan Village. The source of Tumen River can be traced back to 40 kilometers of the east bank. The altitude is 152 meters. The watershed of the mountaintop is the Sino-Russia border and the main mountain peak. The mountain forest is unique and the mountaintop is flat and is easily convenient to overlook. It becomes world-famous because of the Zhanggu Peak Battle between China and Russia. You can still find the ruins of the battle in the hillside. The first sentry post of east lie in the hillock of the Sino-Russia border. It gains its name because it is the most eastern sentry of China. The Railway Bridge of DPRK-Russia made by iron lies in the border of DPRK-Russia. The length of the railway bridge is 650 meters and the width is 20 meters and the height from the surface of the river is 11 meters. When you overlook the railway bridge, which extends the distance of the mist, it appears magnificent. Yangguanping Grand Embankment, lying on the highway of Jingxin-Fangchuan, is praised as “the peerless embankment”.

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It costs you two hours if you take a bus from Tumen by way of Fangchuan border.

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Opening Time:All the year around (passing through bilateral or the third country)

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