The Ruins of the Ancient Bohai Kingdom

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It was the ruins of Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) and five Dynasties (907 – 960AD). Balian Town is the residence of the ruler of Bohai Kingdom of Tang Dynasty .Balian Town was the capital of Bohai Kingdom from 785 to 794AD and was known as the second largest town in the Asia. The surface of the town is square. The town has double city walls. There is a door in every external wall. There are the ruins of the moat outside the city wall. The length of the north and south walls of the internal wall is 218 meters. There is a door in the every middle of wall in the south, east, and west respectively. Eight architecture relics still remain in the internal city wall. Two are in the middle of axes; the south is Zhao Palace; the north is Qin (Sleeping) Palace. The two palaces connect with the cloister. There are three palaces respectively in both sides of east and west. There are three relics of temples in the south, which were unearthed some statues of Buddha and some architectural components. The town excavated many kinds of tiles like pantiles, board ones, tiles with green and yellowish ones etc. Many tiles are engraved with words.

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