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Tumen is also a place which receives generous amount of visitors every year. This is a destination which has a quaint beauty. The surroundings are peaceful and free from all the usual hustle and bustle which are commonly found in the city. The great thing about Tumen is that even if it has traditional simplicity, tourists would also enjoy in this place because the conveniences that they need are just within reach. It has a relaxing vibe without trapping people in remote areas. 
This location is found at the northern foot of the Changbai Mountains. That is why, it also has a very friendly climate almost all year round. It is a perfect destination even during the summer months because the climate is cool. There are also four distinct seasons in this location. The best time to visit is during autumn when the weather is cool. The months of June to August are the rainy season. 

Things to Do 

The surroundings of Tumen are decorated by creations that are hand-crafted by nature. It seems like Mother Nature was in a very good mood when she sculpted this place. The horizon is adorned by hills and slopes which look even more endearing at day break because of the gently fading mist. Since it is close to the mountains, there are a lot of opportunities to take wonderful pictures. 

Changbai Mountains

This is a significant landmark not just because of its glorious beauty but also because of its geographical significance. It is the mountain range which is considered as the partition between China, Korea and Russian Primorsky Krai. The highest peak is the Changbai Mountain. However, this is also adjoined with other peaks. Most of these peaks go beyond 2,000 meters high.

Tumen Railway

This is one of the most important railway stations within the Jilin Province. It is in the eastern section. Since Tumen is considered as the biggest border within the province, the trains lead to different locations too. Among which are Jinlin, Changchun, Mudanjiang, Shenyang, and Beijing. 

Tumen River Bridge

This is an interesting spot to visit within Tumen. The bridge serves as a partition between China and Korea. The sight on this bridge is amazing because of the clear water that is freely running underneath it. During autumn, the waters are also decorated by lilies of different shades and colors. 
The bridge is also a good spot to enjoy the view of the countryside. For people who are looking for some quiet time alone, this is actually a good spot to spend an afternoon because of the relaxing and soothing vibe of the place. 

Yanbian Festival

Since Tumen is a part of Yanbian, some people in this place also participate in festivities of the main district. Annually, the Yanbian Festival is celebrated in this place. As their form of celebration, the locals gather around the streets and spend time for merry-making. For tourists, they can also join in the fun for a more enjoyable stay in Yanbian. 
During the Yanbian Festival, the streets are lined up with various goods from merchants. This could also be the perfect time for tourists to do some shopping because there are excellent local products which can be found along the streets. Of course, this would also be a time to see some boisterous and enigmatic entertainment. Some have additional fees while others can be enjoyed for free. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


302 National Road, Yanbian.

How to Get There?

Yanji Chaoyangchuan Airport is about 5 kilometers; Bus ride can be found from Changchu.

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Opening Hours:

All year round

More Tips:

When visiting during the months of June to August, it is best to be prepared for rainy days. 

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