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Yanbian Food

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Yanbian Featured Food:

Cold Noodles

Korean nationality of Yanbian is fond of cold noodles. Nowadays, cold noodles are well-known nationwide. The main ingredients are white flour, buckwheat flour, and starch. When you make cold noodles, put the flour that has been mixed into the special pot. Cook it and take it out of the pot and then cool it with the cold water. It is edible after adding the beef soup and chicken soup into it with pickles, peppers, beef slice, chicken meat bolus, apple slice, eggs etc. Korean nationality used to eat cold noodles on the forth day of the first month of the lunar year. It is said that you will have a long life after you have the cold noodles at this day. Today, it is favored all year around.

Korean Roasted Beef

Get out of the muscle and membrane of the fresh beef, slice into pieces, and add the mixture of the vinegar, soy sauce, garlic end, white sugar, pepper, monosodium glutamate, and balm. Put catsup wine, capsicum power, white sugar, white vinegar, caraway power, garlic etc into the small bower. Put the charcoal stove in the center of the table and set Bizi (like the abatis) above the charcoal stove. Then nip the meat in the Bizi to roast. You can eat it after dipping some flavorings. It tastes soft, fragrant, salted, and hot with burnt meat outside.


Pickles are also called hot Chinese cabbage and kimchi in Korean. It is the most distinguished diet in the Korean nationality. Pickle can be made all the year around. Select some first-class cabbages (the cabbages with core are fine) and fresh cucumber and radish etc, put in the light brine to ferment. Then add the pepper, ginger slices, garlic, and caraway seeds. It is edible several days later.

Salted Vegetable

Salted vegetable is a kind of appetizer favored by Korean nationality. The ingredients are Radix Platycodonis, brake tender leaves Chinese cabbage, radish, cucumber, and celery etc. clean them and slice into pieces and blocks and slices .Then mix with sesame, mashed garlic, ginger slices, and pepper etc. It tastes delicious and crisp and delightful.


Muffin is similar to dumpling. Roll the rice and flour that have been mixed into small covers and put the stuffing into the inside made by sesame, jujube, and sugar. Then put it in the leaves of pine and steam it.