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Yanbian Shopping

Yanbian Local Products:


Ginseng is honored as the No.1 of herbal plants and the principal treasury of the three treasuries of Dongbei with white and fat rhizome and. There are two kinds of ginseng: one is wild ginseng; the other is artificial nurturing .The wild ginseng is named as Xiesen, which is renowned and precious. The artificial ginseng is called Yuansen, which needs six years to be ripe. Ginseng has the name of the king of the herbal plants. As early as the Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD), ginseng is one of the tributes to the imperial governments. It is a well-known and expensive Chinese herb. It has the functions of promoting metabolism, lowering blood glucose calming the mind and because it contains the ingredients of glucoside of ginsengs, fragrant oil of ginseng, vitamin etc. Besides, it can be used for the crafts of cooking, refining sugar and making wine etc.


The marten is known as the king of the coat and has the function of removing cold and keeping warm and preventing water, which make it the first-class coat. There are two kinds of martens: zibeline and water marten. But zibeline is comparatively expensive. Martens are eccentric, housecat like animals which live in the forests of Changbai Mountain and are hard to keep. Nowadays, the local people succeed breeding the martens, the furs of which are dark brown, lighter, soft, durable, bright in color, and aesthetic. The martens are the first-class national precious animals, which are forbidden to hunt.

Yanbian Rice

Yanbian Region produces high-quality rice with typical features: oval shape, crystal color, tough crust, hard to crash.

Yanbian Pear

It is rich in Yanbian Region with unique characteristics: big fruit, small core, plentiful juice. It is beneficial for removing phlegm, enriching the lung, relieving cough, diureses.

Deer Antler

Antler refers to the soft horn of the male deer that is born a short time. It is a great value of medicine use. Changbai Mountain is rich in spotted deer, the antler will be shed in spring and the newly antler will come out in summer. The newly antler is very soft. The surface is covered with furs of antler. Thats the reason why it is called deers antler, which is beneficial for kidney, and bone, and muscle. Besides, its kidney, tail, muscle, bone, blood, skin and venison are all valuable precious crude drugs.

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