Memorial of Eight Eccentric Painters in Yangzhou

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The Eight Eccentric Painters in Yangzhou refer to Wang Shishen, Huang Shen, Jin Nong, Gao Xiang, Li Yudan, Zheng Xie, Li Fangying, and Luo Pin. They were all innovative painters active in the painting circle of Yangzhou in Qing Dynasty. The Memorial of Eight Eccentric Painters in Yangzhou accounts 4452 meters. The wood structure hall of the memorial is a retained architecture in Ming Dynasty; it now has been developed into the main exhibition hall which delivers the natural conditions and social customs, the convenient transportation and booming economy of Yangzhou in 18th century when The Eight Eccentric Painters appeared in at period.

In the exhibition hall and the corridors of the east and west of the memorial, you can see the paintings and calligraphies of the eight eccentric painters as well as the representative works of other famous painters at that time. Still exhibited is the recovered site of Jinnong Room which displays the historical atmosphere where the Eight Eccentric Painters created their works. The Memorial also retains ancient trees of over a thousand years; now some artificial mounts and lakes as well as green grass are added to the quiet yard of the Memorial, developing it to be a unique tourist attraction in Yangzhou.

The broad and innovative creation style of the Eight Eccentric Painters has been inherited by later generations. Many successful painters in recent and modern history of China, such as Wang Xiaomei, Wu Rangzhi, Zhao Zhiqian, Wu Changshuo, Ren Bonian, Ren Weichang, Wang Mengbai, Wang Xuetao, Tang Yun, Wang Yiting, Cheng Shizeng, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Huang Binhong, and Pan Tianshou, etc. All of them have absorbed nutrition form the works of the Eight Eccentric Painters and established their own schools. Most of them have made high evaluation on the great creations of their ancestors in the painting circle. For instance, Xu Beihong, a famous painter in modern China, one made inscriptions on Orchid Bamboo, a painting of Zheng Xie. He wrote that “Zheng Banqiao is one of the most eminent and influential painters in the recent three hundred years; he has innovative ideas, inscriptions, and paintings; appreciating his great works, you will be deeply impressed by the combination of his propositions and his artistic techniques; it is rare to see in modern times”.    

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There are Bus No. 4 and No. 18 available to the scenic area.

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8: 30-18: 00

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Suggested Tour Hours: One day

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