Slender Xihu Lake

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From ancient times till now, Slender Xihu Lake is a well known scenic area to the south of Yangtze River in China. It accounts 103.7 hectares in total, 49.9 hectares of which are taken by water. Shugang is the core of Slender Xihu Lake Scenic Area and a key national scenic spot. It is characterized by various tourist attractions along the two banks of the lake, such as the zigzag and winding water ways, long lake banks, soft spring willows, romantic bridges covered in mist and drizzles, Xuyuan Garden, Little Jinshan Mount, Chuitai Platform, Wuting Bridge, White Pagoda, Twenty-four Bridge, Exquisite Flower Park, Yichun Platform, Wangchun Platform, Yinyue Tea Pavilion, long corridors, towering cliffs, running rivulets, and elegant study, etc. They are just like parts of a long roll of traditional Chinese painting extending on the lake surface. They also like the long and soft girdles of fairies stretching tortuously with romance. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong visited Yangzhou for many times. Local landowners and nobles at that time rushed to build up various gardens so as to provide imperial accommodation for the then emperor. Therefore, gardens in Yangzhou were honored “the best gardens under heaven”.

Poets in history like to compare Slender Xihu Lake to be simply decorated but elegant ladies while compare Xihu Lake in Hangzhou to be ladies with plumpy and charming body shape.. There is a poem describing the beauty of Slender Xihu Lake and it goes like “The drooping willows and branches of poplar gently fingers on the land overgrown with weeds; the bridges in the far seems water color pictures; the lake should be called slender Xihu Lake because of its elegance and glamour”. Generally speaking, Slender Xihu Lake Scenic Area covers Shigong Ancestral Temple, Dahong Bridge, Long Banks and Spring Willows, Xiyuan Round pond, Little Jinshan Mountain, White Pagoda, Wuting Bridge, and Kwan-yin Mountain. The Slender Xihu Lake Park extends from Long Banks and Spring Willows to Kwan-yin Mountain. Slender Xihu Lake is about three to four kilometers long. There are many artful and exquisite constructions along the lake; some extend into the lake, some runs over the lake, some are composed of deep and remote mazes, and some stand on mountains. They are characterized by myriad stances and incomparable profoundness.

Slender Xihu Lake Garden is endowed with both fantastic landscape and rich culture. It present to tourists different sceneries in different times and seasons, and delivers the infinite interests of Slender Xihu Lake. Especially when spring comes to the south of Yangtze River in March, Yangzhou will become a city of flowers in full blossom; walking along the banks of Slender Xihu Lake, you will deeply impressed by the gentle and lovely willows cuddled by green mist and the glamorous trees such as camellia, guava, and peach. You will enjoy, to your heart content, the wonderful landscape of Slender Xihu Lake featuring elegance, leisure, and poetic romance.

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How to Get There?
You can take the special junketing bus No. 1 or No. 2 to the scenic spots; there are also several bus lines available, and they are Bus No 1, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, No. 16 and No. 18, etc.

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5: 30-17: 50

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1.Opening Hours: 5: 30-17: 50 2.Ancient poem has it that “My old friend and I said goodbye to each other in Huanghe Pavilion; he decides to go to Yangzhou in the warm March when flowers are going to blossom.” The best time to visit Yangzhou is April. 3.Diet: Various food is offered in the scenic area. You can taste the three gorgeous banquets of Yangzhou and the original local dish. 4.Shopping: There are many craftworks, such as paper cuttings, porcelains, jade wares, and eight famous carvings of Yangzhou, etc. Moreover, pickles and niupi Spiny Candy are good souvenirs. 5.Accommodation: There are many hotels and restaurants, such as Yangzhou Hotel and New Century Restaurant. They provide quality service and comfortable environment for rest. Attention: Slender Xihu Lake Night recreation activities were temporarily stopped from December 1, 2005 until 2006. Now they are open again to tourists.

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