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Yangzhou Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/25

Yangzhou Featured Food:

Red Mansions Banquet

Red Mansions Banquet is an innovative course recorded in the famous novel Dream of Red Mansions. It is said the Cao Xueqin, the author of the novel, once stayed in Yangzhou for a period of time. His grandfather Cao Yin treated the officials of six boards and hundreds of concubines with Red Mansions Banquet when he fetched the then Emperor Kangxi who came to visit Yangzhou. Major component dish offered in the banquet include stewed chicken claw, emerald and white fresh vegetables, dry goose meat, and duck tongue preserved in wine, etc.

Whole Lotus Root Banquet

Baoying area in Yangzhou was reputed as “Water Village” in history and “Hometown of Lotus”. According to the cooking methods passed down by ancestors, later generations of Yangzhou people have developed over 50 kinds of dish with lotus root as raw material. Gradually they developed the unique Whole Lotus Root Banquet. Now Baoying Hotel is quite popular among consumers at home and abroad for the introduction of the Banquet.    

By now Whole Lotus Root Banquet has been listed as one of the ten famous dish in Baoying. It can bring you the light, cool, and fragrant taste. Whole Lotus Root Banquet includes the following dish: Glazed Fruit, Auspicious Lotus Root Ball, Gourd Lotus Root slices, Lotus soup, Sweet-scented Osmanthus Lotus Flower Ball, and Lotus Root cooked with sea cucumber, etc.   

Santou Banquet

Santou here refers to three kinds of animal head. Santou Banquet comprises of three traditional and widely favored dish and they are Braised Chub head, stewed lion head, and grilled pig head. The stewed lion head tastes delicate but not greasy, the braised chub head is mellow and fragrant, and the grilled pig head has lasting aroma. Santou Banquet is characterized by rich flavor of local dish. Other component dish includes Stir-fried Corn, ruandou Fish, and Fried Young Chicken, etc.