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Yangzhou Transport

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2017/8/29

Traffic within the City

1) Bus

By now there are about 30 bus lines available in Yangzhou, and they can bring you to various parts of the city. Sightseeing in Yangzhou therefore is very convenient.

The ticket price of all buses in the city is one yuan.

(2) Special Junketing Lines:

There are two special junketing lines available now in Yangzhou. Junketing Bus No. 1 passes by Heyuan Garden, Geyuan Garden, Shigong Ancestral Temple, Slender Xihu Lake, Wuting Bridge, and Daming Buddhist Temple, and other scenic spots. It operates from 5: 50 to 18: 00. Junketing Bus No. 2 passes by the Twenty-four Bridge, Daming Buddhist Temple, Kwan-yin Mountain, Yangzhuan Village, Wuting Bridge, Yingbin Hotel, Slender Xihu Lake, Shigong Ancestral Temple, and Geyuan Garden, etc. It starts at 6: 10 and stops at 18: 20 every day.


2) Taxi

Most taxis in Yangzhou are Santana and Fukang brand. The starting price is six yuan. It usually takes ten yuan from any place of the city to your expected scenic spot.

Call for Yangzhou Taxi Administration: 0514-7871669


3) Pedicab

The urban area of Yangzhou is not very large. Tourists can appreciate the beautiful sceneries on a pedicab. Usually it only coats five yuan on average.