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Yangzhou Transport

Last updated by joyce at 2017/6/21

Yangzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta. Jinghu (Beijing to Shanghai) Freeway and Ningtong (Ningbo to Tongzhou) Freeway meet each other and run across the city. A bus journey from Shanghai takes about 3.5 hours; from Suzhou, about 2.5 hours, from Nanjing about 1 hour.

By now, there are three coach passenger transport stations, and they are respctivley Yangzhou Passenger Transport Station, East Yanzhou Passenger Transport Station, and Xinqu Passenger Transport Station.

Yangzhou Passenger Transport Station is the largest logn distance passenger transort station within the city. It lies on the sourthern tip of Hancheng Road. Every day there are shits of coach to cities in Jiangsu Province. and to places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Fujian, etc.

Call for Service and Consultation: 0541-7963658

East Yanzhou Passenger Transport Station lies at No. 47, West Canal Road. There are coaches available from Yangzhou to various big and small cities in China. Tourists can take Bus No. 4, No. 9, No, 12, No. 25, No. 26, No. 33, No. 101, or No. 209 directly to the station.

Service Call: 0514-5105203