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Yangzhou Transport

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Yangtze River and Jinghang Great Canal add radiance to each other, providing convenient waterway transportation in Yangzhou.

The largest port in Yangzhou—Yangzhou Port lies 11.5 kilometers to the south of the urban area, and at the adjacent part of Jianghang Canal and Yangtze River. There are passenger transport lines to Nanjing, Wuhu, Jiujiang, Huanshi, and Wuhan at the upper streams of Yangtze River, and Hangzhou, Nantong, and Shanghai at its lower streams.


Special Junketing ships:

Qianlong On-lake Junketing line passes by Imperial Port, Zhichun Garden, markets of flowers, insects, and birds, and fish, Bonsai Garden, Slender Xihu Lake Garden, and Daming Buddhist Temple, etc.

Consultation Call: 0514-7317999

Yangzhou Inquiry Office: 0514-7571994