Nanshan Mountain Tourist Area in Longkou

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The tourist area of Nashan Mountain is located in Longkou City’s Lushan Mountain in the Shandong Province. The area is home to beautiful natural landscapes as well as grand, elegant manmade designs.
It is the first ever Four A national tourist area which consists of a Chinese history and culture park as well as religious culture park.

Things to Do

The Nashan Mountain tourist area is the first ever AAAA scenic area granted by the province. It includes various tourist attractions such as the Offshore Holiday and Tourist Area, Chinese history and culture park as well as the religious culture park.

The Religious Park 

In the religious park of Nashan Mountain are various temples such as the Lingyuan Taoist Temple, Nanshan Taoist Temple, Perfume Nunnery and Nashan Buddhist Temple.these temples are relics of Tang and Jin dynasties. 

The Jade and Great Buddha

The Nashan Great Buddha is the largest bronze tin sitting Buddha today in the world. The statue is 380 ton heavy and 38.66 meters high. The Jade Buddha in the park is also the largest ever indoor Buddha at 660 ton weight and 13.66 meters height. These two statues of Buddha are the two biggest highlights of the area. 

Nanshan Huayan World

The tourist area of Nashan Mountain is also home to Nanshan Huayan World which includes the Prayer Corridor with 108 different prayer wheels, the Music Fountain known as Medicine Buddha Carol and the Dhyani Buddha Palace among much more. It is another great religious sight in this area.

The History And Culture Park

This is the only thematic, large park in China which is built as per the dynasty order along with historical culture. The architectural complexes here are supported by the main Chinese dynasties’ architecture with different styles from different periods. It has a large number of historical goods and materials to vividly showcase the cultural relics, general trends, the Chinese history’s representative figures and significant events. 


The offshore tourist attraction of Donghai includes a 20 km long coastline and various attractions such as the Coastal Forest, Recreation Villa, Offshore Fishing, Offshore Yacht, the Bathing Beach of Moon Bay and Offshore Golf. The large green mountains as well as the blue sea attract people in the summers. 

A Multifunctional Area 

Incorporating on modern and ancient essences as well as Chinese civilizations, this tourist area is a multifunctional spot which integrates shopping, entertainment, industrial touring, holiday spending, recreation and tourism. Along with all of these attractions, Nashan Mountain also offers the gorgeous natural beauty and charm. In the park itself are several amazing temples and many religious and historical attractions like the Taoist Hut, the Lingyuan Hut, Xiangshui Hut, Nashan Temple and the Great Buddha.

The Halls and Palaces 

The Great Buddha in Nanshan is also the center of Kaiguang, a very important ritual where statues of Buddha in the temple are defied by nuns and monks. The Gongde Hall, Buddhist Cultural Museum and Wanfo Palace are located under the throne of Great Buddha. The throne itself is in the shape of a lotus flower. The Wanfo Palace has 9999 small Buddha copper figures. The history and culture park is a large theme park covering an area of six sq km. The park is a mix of Chinese cuisine, folk customs and history.

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Lushan Mountain, City of Langkou in Shandong Province

How to Get There?

 Bus number 5 as well as 105 special bus line will take visitors to Nashan Mountain.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

More Tips:

Summer and Spring are recommended seasons for visiting this area.

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