Tashan Mountain scenic area

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Tashan Mountain is famous for the pagoda built on its highest peak during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. With Dai Mountain to the east and Nanshan Mountain to the west, it looks like a natural hedge encircling the prosperous urban area below. The scenic area is divided into Taiping Hut Tourist Area and Modern Amusement Area and includes over 30 spots altogether.

Taiping Hut Tourist Area consists of many cultural and natural landscapes: Taiping Hut, Sanhe Tower, Dragon King Hall, Taiping Morning Bell Tower, Guanyin Pavilion, Yunshi Valley, Guanyin Peak and more. As the central spots, both Taiping Hut and Sanhe Tower have long history. The founders of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have all been enshrined and worshiped in Taiping Hut which is exceedingly rare. With beautiful and misty scenery, Sanhe Tower is gracefully and primitively simple in design. It is the landmark architecture of Yantai city. From the top of the tower, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the flourishing city street scape and elegant beach landscape in one glimpse.

The Modern Amusement Area consists of the Athletics Mansion, with its peculiar style and grand European-style gate, and Tropical Rain Forest Park with its southern tinge. Attractions include a large wooden sculpture named “uphold”, a firing range run by the national defense forces, an animal village, a playground, a waterfall and much more.

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Bus No.3, 6, 17, 43, 46

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Summer, from 7 am to 18 pm

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