Yangma Islet

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Yangma Island sits amongst the Yellow Sea, 30 kilometers away from Yantai city proper.

Yangma Island, like the Hawaii, has been likened to pearl in the sea. Yangma Island enjoys graceful landscape, picturesque natural scenery all year around. Trees-clad hills rise and fall in the undulating landscape and the grassland is nearly all covered by verdant grass, dotted with wild flowers. The views obtained from one of the many vantage points make one believe he is in a fairyland. The broad sea mingles over the sky in the horizon. Among the vast waters are fishing boats, which look like white spots on an immense canvas.

The sea on the south side of the island is very calm with gentle waves, which has created a nice bathing beach. While, the deep water on the west side makes it an ideal harbor.

Having charming natural scenery alone probably won’t make Yangma Islet so popular and well loved. Beautiful legends add a miserable and lingering touch to the island. Legends go that in 219 BC, on his excursion to the east coast areas, Qinnshihuang, whose entombed Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an attracted the whole world’s focus as it was first discovered in 1970s, which has since ever, become one of China’s most famous tourist attractions spotted a fairy-like island amongst the sea. On the island are tree-clad hills, vagrant grassland, above which is mist. A flock of horses were grazing in the grassland. The First Emperor was amazed at what he had seen and ordered the building of a horse-raised ground in the island. The ground was later was designated as the Royal Horse-raised ground and the island was known as Royal Horse-raised island.

Following the legend, a horse-race ground has been built in the island, which has held 11 national and international horse race events since its completion. When there is no formal competitive activity, the ground becomes an entertainment park, where activities such as horse riding, archery took place to entertain visitors.

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catch a bus in Yantai Bus Station to Mouping, and then take the medium bus to get there

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Tips: (1) There is a sea-crossing long bank connecting the lands. (2) Prize-giving racehorse match conducted every Saturday and Sunday.

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