Yantai Mountain

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Yantai Mountain is a green jade setting on the chest of Yantai seashore and a hill running the blood of Yantai city. Covering an area of 45 square kilometers, with elevation of 42.5 meters, Yantai Mountain concentrates over 600 years’ history and is the cradle and symbol of this city. Surrounded by seas in three directions, Yantai Mountain stands upright with verdant forest and delicate sight. In Hongwu period of Ming Dynasty, to defend attack of Japanese invaders the defence 'Yundou dun’ (also called beacon tower) was built here. That’s the origin of Yantai. Yantai city was opened to the world in 1862, since then, 16 countries including England, France, Japan, America, etc, constructed consulate , church and post office here. Langyantuitai, Light Tower, Yantai Stone, Stone Ship, Relang(attracting wave) Booth, Appeasing Tower and Old Sites of the Foreign Consulates. The consulates, mansions and buildings in this Mountain area not only witness the special history of Yantai to be the first treaty port of Shandong province but also the national spirit and ideal of the common people in Yantai and Jiaodong district to protect and prosper Chinese nation. Besides, Yantai Mountain is also an attracting tourist spot with hill in and seas around. She is full of elegance: red and green houses appear indistinctly from the verdant forest as beautiful as a landscape painting. Yantai Mountain was crowned as ‘the top of the eight spots in Fushan’ yet in the Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty. Folk-custom buildings represented by ‘Dragon King Temple’, ‘Martyr’, ‘Langyan Beacon Tower’, and the magic spots represented by ‘Yantai Stone’, ‘Zaohua Hut’, ‘Cliff for Engagement’, ‘Taibai (a famous poet in Chinese history) Stone’, ‘Mother and Child Tortoise ’, both the poems and words inscribed by personages and beautiful and charming myths inspire visitors and will be left in mind for a long time.

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How to Get There?
Bus No. 3, 6, 8, 17, 43, 45, 46

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Opening Hours:
Summer, 6 am to 19 pm; in winter, 7 am to 17:30 pm.

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Tips: (1) the admission fee for group: 12 yuan per person; charges for guide: 30 yuan for one group below 5 people, 40 yuan for one group above 5 below 10 people, 3 yuan per person of the group above 10 people, 2 yuan per person of the group above 29 people; other 6 yuan per person for the admission fee of the light tower. (2) Periodical tourism activities conducted in the Tourist Area: Culture Festival of Yantai Mountain from May 1to May 7; the tour of culture of Yantai Mountain in fall, from October 1 to October 7.

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