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Yantai Food

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/19

Yantai is widely considered as the birthplace of Lu Cuisine (i.e., one of the eight famous regional cooking schools of China, the other seven being the Cantonese, the Chuan, the Hui, the Mei, the Su,, the Xiang and the Zhe schools of cuisine). Traditional Lu dishes figure prominently in the restaurants of Yantai, though Lu Cuisine is far from being the only type of cuisine available in Yantai, or even the major cuisine, for that matter. In fact, in recent years, seafood dishes have outstripped Lu Cuisine in popularity among both the local inhabitants of Yantai and the city's growing flocks of tourists, which also explains the explosion in seafood restaurants around the city.

Yantai Featured Food:

Mutton Chops With Green Vegetable

Mutton chops with green vegetable is a skillful blend of breaded mutton chops with green vegetable, which is delicious to taste and soothing to eyes. When it is served, the fried mutton chops are laid evenly in the middle of a plate, and are framed by green vegetable.

Ball Of Lotus Root Braised In Sauce

Lotus Root has been believed to be good to health, and is therefore wildly used as ingredient in Chinese cooking. Lotus root ball braised in sauce is one of the most distinguished dishes of Yantai.

Fresh Fish Dumpling

Fresh fish meat is used as main fillings for Fresh Fish Dumpling. It is characterized by tender taste, big size, adequate stuffing and thin skin. The dumpling is often served with seasonings of vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil, which can help increase the flagrant taste of the stuffing while neutralize the greasy feel.