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Yantai Shopping

Yantai Local Products:

As a modern and fast-developing city in China’s east coast, Yantai hardly loses to any cities except for Shanghai in China in terms of shopping varieties. The local specialties are jade carving, Miansu, straw weaving.

Yantai Miansu

Mainsu is a plastic arts using flour as material. It has a long history, its subjects including wedding festival celebration, completion of the first month of life and hundred-year-old, burning offering sacrifices to and setting a roof beam in place with great fortune. Miansu is the combination of caving arts and painting arts, its making procedure consists of two steps, one is to shape up, i.e. to knead, which determines the shape of the article and also reflects the accomplishment of the fabricant. The other is colored drawing which should be done after the well-braising and airing of the shaped article. It is the working procedure fully reflecting the technique of fabricant. Designs painted by excellent craftsmen are so vivid that they even can cover up the roughness left in previous procedures.


Being one of the important marine products, cishen likes living in the sea area with rock in the bottom, slight impact of wave, and little fresh water injected, luxuriant seaweeds, ranging from3 meters to 15 meters in depth. Being rich in nutrition, especially protein and contains no cholesterin, Cishen is high-class invigorant and crowned as the top of rare sea foods. Herbalist doctor believed that Haishen is a tonic which can be mentioned in the same breath with ginseng since the chondroit in sulfate in it is good for keeping healthy, anti-aging, restraining tumor.

Yanti Chousha

With a long history, delecate work, elegent design, distinctive style, numerous varieties and abroad use, yantai chousha is well—known over the world. Handmade embroidery and basketwork are the pith of embroidery and lacework, including Diaoping embroidery, Color embroidery and ‘Eight Lakelaces’ of Yantai, Penglai Shuttle lacework, Xixia Bangchui(wooden club) lacework, Zhaoyuan Wangkou lacework, Gouzheng(crochet hook) lacework in Longhai and Haiyang, Zhengjie lacework, Baidaili lacework and Bianluosha lacework. The hotels, bedroom, living room and dinner-room decorated with these man-made embroider and lacework are aromatic, natural and graceful, with elegant modern scale.

Laizhou Jade Carving

Laizhou city is rich in stones easy carve, such as pencil stone, green steatite and so on. Since green steatite is as sheer as jade, it is also called Laizhou jade. All carvings made of the stones mentioned before are called Laizhou jade carving. Folk carving-art in Laizhou has a long history; it is the accumulation of kills and wisdom, handed down from generations to generations. Steatite carving unearthed from the grave of Song Dynasty is elegant in shape with mature carving skills. Caving of character in Ming Dynasty is plain and natural, also the treasure be handed down from ancient times. During late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, workshops for caving steatite rose in the villages around the country, bottles, boxes, characters, animals, flowers, and birds were carved in these workshops, of which the works of furnace and box carved by craftsmen of Xiwuli Village is the most delicate and unique.

Chousha Craftwork In Haiyang

Chousha craftwork is the brand production of chousha craftswork Ltd.of Haiyang city, whose main productions consists of handcraft works such as gouzheng, wangkou, baidaili, knitted sweater; embroideries made by hand or machine; craftwork dress which are sold in over 50 countries and regions over the world.

Penglai Caobian

Grass weave in penglai city has a long history and is popular by worldwide merchants and sold over the world with its delicare craftwork, distinctive style, strong folk features, vulue for enjoyment and practical use.

Yantai Shops and Stores:

More tourist-friendly shopping areas have appeared in Yantai in recent years to cater to the increasing number of tourists to the city. There are currently four major shopping areas in Yantai, which include the South Avenue, Binhai Square Commercial Street, Zhifu Commercial Street, Qilu Curio Street.

The South Avenue

The South Avenue is located in the most prosperous area of Yantai.. The street is lined with a plethora of shopping malls, department stalls and boutiques. Main stores in the this street include Baisheng Department Store, South Avenue shopping center, Huaqiao Shopping Mall.