Coffin Rock

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Coffin Rocks are 18 kilometers to the west of Xiaoxi Tower in Yiling District of Yichang and are located in the Xinping River Valley of the west branch of Huangbo River.

There are coffin caves where the ancient coffins were stored high up in the sheer cliffs on both sides of the Xinping River. The coffin caves in the eastern side are called "Larger Coffin Caves" due to its larger size to those on the western side. In the cliff 100 meters high, there is a cave housing more than 30 old coffins round a wrap coffin which was made of six planks wrapping a wooden coffin inside.

In the rock on the west, there were 8 coffins inside two caves in the rock around 100 meters high. The upper cave in the shape of the English letter of A houses 5 coffins. Three ancient coffins are clearly visible in the lower cave. These coffins can date back to the ancient Ba people over 2000 years ago. (Ba people is believed as the ancestors of today’s Tujia Ethnic people living in Hunan and Hubei areas. The reason why the ancient Ba people put the coffins in such a high and dangerous place is still unknown to many experts. There are now several explanations. Some experts believe it originated from the ancient local people's religious beliefs. While some others believe that because the people in this area lived among the great mountains and rivers, they hoped that after death when people went to another world, they would easily find their home and came back to live in the mountains and rivers again. As for how to put these coffins to such high and steep cliffs, some are even over 400 meters above the water, is also a question to experts. No detailed information about these questions can be found in historical records. People can only guess and imagine how they managed to do that.)

A road has been built from the cave entrance to the coffin spots inside the cave.

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Take the coach to Xiangshan at Yichang Long Distance Bus Station and get off at Xiaofeng Stop.

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9:00 – 17:00

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Recommended time for a visit: half a day.

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