Gaolan Scenic Area

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This scenic area takes the convergence of Gaolan River and Xiayang River as the center, with an area of over 20 square kilometers. 30 km to the south of Gaolan Scenic Area is the Xiling Gorge of Three Gorges and to the north is the Shenlongjia Nature Reserve-Shenlongjia,  200 kms away from Yichang, in the northwest of Hubei Province has the wildest scenery in the province.

The scenery concentrates on a 7.5-km-long ravine, tree-clad peaks of odd shape on two sides. In the ravine runs a limpid brook.The hills here are verdant covered by lush trees. Among the cliffs, there are some small waterfalls and springs. The sceney here is frequently compared with that of the Li River in Guilin for the peaks and waters.

The Gaolan Scenic area has now been connected with the Three Gorges by the newly formed waterway due to the rise of the water level of the Three Gorges. A tour to the Gaolan Scenic can be easily accompanied with visits to the Formal Residence of Wangzhaojun and Quyuan Ancestral Hall in Zigui Town- Zigui is located at the exit of Xiling Gorge, near which Xiangxi (Fragrant Stream) joins the Yangtze River. It is the hometown of Quyuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient time, and Qangzhaojun, a famous beauty in ancient Chinese history.

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You can take the coach from Yichang to Xingshan and get off at Lianghekou stop.

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8:00 – 17:00

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Recommended Time for a visit: Half a day

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