Qing River

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Qing River is a tributary of the Yangtze River. The beauty of Qing River lies in its water, of which high praises have been sung for generations. A hydroelectric scheme is built on the Geheyan canyon of Qing River, as a result of this mountains become small islands with the raised water level, dotting the picturesque water surface. Pingluo Gorge, Bashan Gorge and Banxia Gorge are the three well-known gorges on the Qing River in the jurisdiction of Changyang.

Pingluo Gorge

Pingluo Gorge, running10 kilometers long from Gehe Hydroelectric Scheme to Wuluozhongli Mountain, is the longest of the three gorges on the Qing River. Against the backdrop of green hilly mountains and ranges of ranges sentry-like mountain peaks, the water is quietly coursing through the misty gorge, ripples here and there. Cruises, barges, sailing boats and even rafts are dotting the water lanes all year round, occasionally sailors' songs breaking through the calm waterscape. The lyrics go like "let's bellow out along the 800-li Qing River, and sing along on the cue of the chanteys"

Bashan Gorge

Bashan Gorge, historically known as Hanguan, runs 5 kilometers from the mouth of the Duzhenwan gulf on the east to the west gulf of Machi district. Mountains along the Bashan Gorge are soaring high, majestic and imposing; waters are smooth as a mirror. Grotesque stone formations resembling lions, elephants, dragon, and snakes etc. are tourist highlights here. Qipan (chessboard) cave and Bayou Cave are also tourist attractions along Bashan Gorge.

Banxia Gorge ( or Companion Gorge)

Companion Gorge is 5 meters long from Zhaolai River to Dragon Pond. There are two mountain peaks facing each other on both the south and north side of the gorge, one is maidenly demure, the other is majestic, they are in each other's companion day in and day out, thus the name of the Companion Gorge. Companion Gorge boasts an attraction called 'Three-Scene Attraction: the 'Knife-sharp Peak' (steep mountain peak), the Lion Cavern ( featuring a lion-like rock formation with spring water running through its crotch) and the salty Pool.

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