Temple of Water King

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The Water King Temple , which is also named Zhenjiangge in Chinese, is situated in the eastern part of Badong county in the Three Gorge area. It was first built during Emperor Jiaqing's reign in the Qing Dynasty in the beginning of the 19th century. At that time water transportation was very important for the local people to do business and make a living. However, the Yangtze River sometimes could be very dangerous and the boatmen wanted very much to be safe and sound while rowing their boats to carry goods on the river. The ancient people believed that there was the king of water that could protect their life if they showed their respect and worship to him. Therefore the local boatmen decided to raise money and built a temple to worship the king of water. After the temple was finished, they came here very often bringing food , fruits and even burning incense to worship and show their piety and respect to the king, wishing that the king can protect them from danger while driving their boats on the river. Nowadays it is a good place for visitors to learn something about the local culture.

In 2009 when the Three Gorge Project is finished this temple will be moved to another place in Badong county to avoid the danger of submergeing by water.

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