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Yichang Food

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Yichang is famous for its fish preparations but  it hardly lives by fish food. Except for the local specialties, food from other parts of the country and even from the west is available. The local specialty of Old Nine Bowls and Sanyou Deinty Chicken are  the reprehensive of the region’s cuisine and is served at almost every restaurant.

Yichang Featured Food:

Yicheng Plate Ricefield Eel

The special feature of Yichang Plate Eel is that the eel meat is tender and the smell is tempting.

The culinary skill in making Yichang Plate of Eel is very strict. The chief first put the fresh eels into the heated icon pot. When the eels died and the mucus was removed, wash the eels. Then fry the eel with teal oil in small fire. Put the seasonings of salt, pepper, ginger and garlic and chili sauce into the pot and fast-fry until the color of the eel turn into brown, and then serve the table.

Sanyou Deity Chicken

The dish of Sanyou Deity Chicken is characterized by the lustrous appearance and tender and soft taste.

Legends go that the dish got its name from Suxun, Sushi and Suzhe, the most noted poets of the Song Dynasty and visitors to the Sanyou Cave -in the sheer cliff of the Xiling Mountain in the entrance of the Xiling Gorge. Suxun accompanied his two sons-Sushi and Suzhe to Kaifeng (capital of Song Dynasty) to attend the imperial examination. As they arrived at Yichang, they were attracted by the breath-taking natural scenery of the three Gorges. So they stopped and took a short excursion to the area, which included a stay in the Sanyou Cave. They drank a lot of alcohol and eat the chicken they brought with in the cave. Afterward, the chicken Suxun and his two sons once eat was renamed as Sanyou Deity Chicken.

Three Gorges Pearl Soup

The dish was inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Xiling Gorge-make up of high mountains and deep gorges and take shape of the landscapes. The dish is made with chicken, egg white and fish balls. The egg white is in the shape of the mountains and float on the chicken soup. Among these "mountains" are the tricolor fish balls, which represent "pearl". The dish looks beautiful and tastes tender, and is well-known in the region for its distinctive appearance.

Cool Shrimp

The Cool Shrimp, however, is not really shrimp at all. It is actually made of rice milk and red sugar. It is so named because it resembles shrimp in shape. Eating Cool Shrimp is believed to repel heat in summer and the snack is considered to be the best summer food in the region.

Bai Sha Fat Fish

Basha Fat fish is a traditional dish of Yichang which is made by steaming the fish with fat pork. The dish features tasty and light flavor.

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