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Yichang Shopping

Yichang Local Products:

Yichang is located on the banks of the Yangtze River and is abundant in fruites and tea. The Cactus Tea and Xia Zhou Jade Tea have won good reputation around the world for their sweet taste. Except for tea, other souvenirs for the travelers to bring back home include the Changyang Straw Handicraft and Three Gorges Stone.

Cactus Tea

Cactus Tea is planted in the Jade Spring Mountain in Hubei Province-the mountain abounds in lush and tall trees, springs, an environment which is believed to be good for tea growth. Production of the Cactus Tea first began during the Tang Dynasty over 1200 years ago. Legend goes that the celebrated Tang Dynasty poet of Libai-Libai was one of the most productive and most noted poets in Chinese history, once tasted the tea and remarked that it was far and away the best tea he had tasted.

Xiazhou Jade Green Tea

It assumes thin linearity, with jade green color and light green soup, as well as slightly fragrance of Chinese chestnut, which tastes very sweet.

Changyang Straw Handicraft

Changyang hand-made straw products has long enjoyed good reputation for its innovative design and reliable quality. The straw handcrafts produced in Changyang County (Changjiang county is under the jurisdiction of Yichang and most of the inhabitants are Tujia Ethnic People), not only looks beautiful but has great practical use. There are more than 600 practical and tasteful assortments including car cushion, carpet, hand basket and so on.

Three Gorges Exotic Stone

Three Gorges Stone refers to all the stones of odd shape collected from the Three Gorges area. The main colors are black, white, grey and yellow.

Yichang Shops and Stores:

The best shopping places in Yichang consists of the New Time Square in the Jiefang Road, Guomo Building at the Xiling Road and Tea Whole Market in the Yiling Road.

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