Baerdakuer rock paintings

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Brief Introduction:

The place is the cultural relics of Tujue people during the sixth to seventh century. Among the hundred meters long and over ten meters high rock paintings, the contents of some of paintings show male reproduction worship. The bigger animals in the rock paintings were carved to show their reproductive organs. This is rare in China. The Kazak people call them “Ta Bu La Ta Xi” which means the carved rocks.

The paintings distribute in the area which is hundred meters long and over ten meters high. The main contents concern the pictures of goats, horses, cows, bears, deer and other animals. Besides those, human and human riding on the horses were also showed in the rock paintings. In one of the rocks, twelve naked men and women were carved.

It reflects male reproduction worship in ancient Tujue people. It also exaggerates the male body and the important role male play in the human reproduction. The lines of one of the women paintings are really smooth and the shape of the women looks really beautiful. It is worthy enjoying. Among the rock paintings, the tallest one is 1.1 meters high, and lowest one is only 0.1 meter high.

The contours of the paintings are clear and the carving is fine. The scenery in this area is beautiful. The streams in the valleys murmur and the bushes in the slopes are luxuriant. There are many weird stones in the top of the mountain there. The highest peak is 1182 meters high. And the rock paintings situates in the place whose elevation is from 1130 to 1180 meters. There are also many rock paintings in Tacheng area.

The red stone rock paintings, which is 50 kilometers from Yumin county town in the southwest, and the Kalayimili rock paintings, which is 65 kilometers from Ermin county town in the east are all the cultural relics of ancient Tujue people during sixth to seventh century.


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you can get there by bus from Yumin County.

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the whole day

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