Beytulla Mosque

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Brief Introduction:

After the integration of Xinjiang, the Qing government respected the religious belief of minorities and protected the religious rights of people of different nationalities. So the Qing government appropriated ten thousand liang silver (equals to 1.8 million RMB at present) and ordered Erluo Muzhabu of Aqimu Boke(a highest position in Tajik group), the highest administrative governor at that time in Ningyuan city to build a mosque for those who believe in Islam. Besides the money coming from central government, Erluo Muzhabu, using his power, collected money, grain, and labors from all villages.

At the same time, he also employed many experienced craftsmen from inland to build the mosque. It was completed in the 38th year of Qianlong period (namely, 1773). After Beytulla Mosque had been completed, the mosque became famous and it attracted many people to study and preach there. At that time, the number of people studying there is as many as two hundred. They would graduate from the mosque after five years’ study. And they would be given a religious position according to their scorings. So Beytulla Mosque was also called “Mai Di Li Si” which means senior religious school.

The original mosque occupied an area of 18 hundred square meters and was composed of minaret, the Religious Service Hall, and preaching hall. Beytulla Mosque has been repaired and extended since its complete two hundred years ago. After the extension in 1865, the mosque could hold 15 hundred people to do religious service. 

In the year 1983, the central government of People’s Republic of China appropriated a large sum of money for repairing and decorating the mosque. The repair made the old mosque have a new face and at the same time the mosque was ranked as the important protection of cultural relics at national level.

In recent years, the mosque received many friendly organizations, religious people, and famous scholars from both home and abroad coming for doing religious service or touring. In October 1996, the mosque was repaired and extended again. The repair was sponsored by Chinese Islamic Association and supported by governments at all levels and religious people.

Now, except keeping the minaret, the original preaching hall was dismantled because of long being out of repair and a new preaching hall of Islamic style was built. The new mosque occupies an area of 6950 square meters and it can hold 30 to 35 hundred people for a time.      

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