Butterflies Valley

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In Aletay there is a valley called “Ku Bie Li Ke Bu La Le” in Kazak language. It means butterfly in English. Butterflies Valley is about 60 kilometers long from north to south, and it is 14 hundred meters above sea level. The valley is surrounded by mountains from all sides, so it is warm during winter and cool during summer. The water of the streams there is clean and the grass is green. Flowers can be seen anywhere there. Every year from June to September, the scenery in Butterflies is magnificent. Flowers of different colors are in full bloom, and this attracts millions of butterflies gather in the valley. The place becomes a sea of butterflies. The air if filled with butterflies, the flowers are occupied by butterflies, and the low lying land is also filled with butterflies. In the paths, there are piles of butterflies in every 50 meters. The number of butterflies in a pile at least is several hundred; sometimes the number can reach thousands. Sometimes the piles of butterflies will prevent visitors’ passing across. Once visitors move forward one step, they will possibly trample many butterflies to death. If you swing a net, you probably catch eighty to ninety butterflies. According to initial investigation, there are more than ten kinds of butterflies in Butterflies Valley. The butterflies are multicolored and they look really beautiful. The bigger butterflies are as large as maple leaves, and the smaller one are as small as snowflake. The shapes of some butterflies look like diamonds, some look like shuttles. The two wings of some butterflies look like parabola, some look like peacock spreading its tail. The colors and stripes of butterflies there will make your eyes busy. Some are white, some are silver, some are black, some are yellow, and some are colorful. The scales of some butterflies are dazzling, like metal shining or neon lamp lightening. Some are simple and unadorned, like crystal. The movements of butterflies there are complicated. They fully show the arts of dancing. So they are called insect dancers. Of the butterflies there, hedge butterfly constitutes the majority. The most beautiful and most valuable is the big size and colorful swallowtail butterfly. Besides those, the common butterflies there are Limenitis reducta, Argynnis adippe, Polygonia.


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you can get there when you travel over 60 kilometers in the east from Aletay city. When you cross the Irtysh River, you will get there.

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the whole day

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