Fire Caves

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Brief Introduction:

The Fire Caves were discovered in the year 1814 (the 19th year of Jiaqing period, Qing dynasty). They are formed because of spontaneous ignition of the underground coal. It is a kind of geothermal resources. The gas that comes from the cracks contains minerals such as sulphur, alum, rock crystal. So the gas can do the patients who got chronic diseases good.

Sometimes the gas can even cure some diseases. So the Fire Caves are famous for their geothermal gas treatment. The fire caves are really mystical. The temperature in some of the caves in the same area is as high as hundred degrees C. Some caves can make people feel comfortable. Some caves are full of moist air.

Some caves give off gas that has no color. Some caves can send out steams that have cool water drops. The functions of the caves differ. Some can cure arthritis; some can cure high blood pressure; some can cure gynaecological diseases; some can cure disease concerning eyes and ears; some can cure headaches.

More interestingly, the temperature of one small cave that face the sun is as high as hundreds degrees C. It not only can be used to boil eggs, but also can be used to roast mutton. In the year 1972, Bayandai Fire Caves Hospital was set up. The hospital makes use of the geothermal resources to cure diseases. The number of caves that can be used to cure different diseases is nine. They can cure arthritis, high blood pressure, gynaecological diseases and so on.


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you can get there by bus.

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from 9:00 to 19:00

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