Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forests natural preservation area

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Brief Introduction:

Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forests natural preservation area occupies an area of 1040 square kilometers. The heavily protected area occupies one hundred thousand mu (one mu equals to 2000/3 square meters). The government of Wusu city established Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forests natural preservation area management station, and the station has an area of 82 thousand mu.

The preservation area mainly protected saxouls, white saxouls and desert ecological environment. Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forests natural preservation area is surrounded by mountains from three sides. In terms of geography, it belongs to Aibi Lake Basin. Kuitun River, Sikeshu River, and Guertu River converge there and they flow into Aibi Lake. So the area has plentiful underground water resource.

Parts of the area formed small lakes. Saxouls, spike willows, and Populus euphratica in the area grow tenaciously and formed dense forest. Under the trees, there are Halimodendron halodendron, Reaumuria minfengensis, Calligonum mongolicum, Nitraria sibirica Pall, etc more than 110 kinds of desert plants.

These plants can effectively prevent the strong wind from Alashan and eventually control the 3 million mu shifting lands in Keke Hakesi not to move. And at the same time, they safeguard the ecological balance of six farms in Wusu County, Jinhe County, and Tuoli County.

In the natural preservation area, there are many animals such as horses, deer, procapra gutturosa, ovis ammon, wild boars, foxes, hedgehogs, cuckoos, eremophila alpestris, Lesser Gray Shrike, gavia immer. They seek food, play, and reproduce in the area carefree and leisurely. Part of the area still keeps the primitiveness of the nature intact. If you start traveling from Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forest to the west, you will find a lake in the dense forest. The lake is the so called Aibi Lake.

The lake occupies an area of four hundred mu. At the edge of the lake reeds grow luxuriantly. Sometimes the fish in the lake jump out the water and the wild ducks and swans fly above the lake. The place is full of life. The natural scenery in Gan Jia Hu Saxoul forests natural preservation area keeps intact. And people can enjoy the special features of landforms and scenery of inland Asia there and can also feel the mutual reliance relationship between human and nature.


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you can get there by bus from Wusu County, Jinghe County, or Tuoli County.

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from 9:00 to 19:00

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