Guozi Valley

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Brief Introduction:

Guozi Valley, also known as Taleqi Valley, was an important strategic site of the northern Silk Road in the ancient times. In the 13th century at the end of South Song Dynasty, Chagatai, the second son of Genghis khan, led tens of thousands of horse armies to excavate the strategically important path to Yili—Guozi Valley. Now, it is the important transportation site of the Urmqi-Yilin high way.

The flat and broad bituminous macadam has long replaced the previous rugged mountain road and consequently it is more convenient for tourists to sightsee the scenery of the valley. There are a lot of wild fruits and exotic trees and flowers in the 28-kilomile valley.

In spring, the mountain is covered with wild fruits and fragrant flowers and is as white as snow; in summer, the wind blowing from the mountain makes the trees play a pleasant song and the weather is cool and comfortable; in autumn, the valley exhibits a variety of colors such as red, yellow, blue, white, purple, etc.; in winter, as Hong Liangji described, the whole valley is covered under the blanket of snow and only the pines on the top of the mountain show the color of green.

Lin Zexu, a famous official in the Qing Dynasty, also wrote a poem to praise the beauty of the valley. It reads “the old zigzagging lane is tranquil and silent; the spring is clean and cool; the valley is attractive in every step through the 20-mile journey”. Standing on the top of Guozi Valley—Pine Head, you can have a bird view of the whole valley.

The roads wind the mountain and form a beautiful curve; the waterfalls surrounded by rainbows run down from the top, drawing a gorgeous picture; the stones of strange shape are scattered in the valley and quiet brooks are flowing in the wild. In the Qing Dynasty, there were 5 military stations form Guozi Valley to Jinhe County and the scenery around Station 2 is the best.


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you can get there by bus from Bole County

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the whole day

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