Kanas Scenic Area

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Kanas Scenic Area is liken to Switzerland in the East and a paradise for photography. It offers beautiful glacier, lake, forest, grassland, river, rare animals and plants. Besides, travelers can also experience unique minority’s culture there. Locate in a lush forest in Altai mountains, Kanas Lake is 150 miles away from Burqin County(布尔津县) . June and September are the best time to visit Kanas Scenic Area. And travelers can’t visit it after October because of snow.

Top thins to do in Kanas

1. See blue Moon Bay (月亮弯)

Moon Bay is at 1 kilometer of upper reaches of Wolong Bay(卧龙湾).As the most popular scenic spots in Kanas Lake area, it is famous as a flower sea in June and a golden world in September.
Peaceful Moon Bay is varied by its water. The bay in the morning and dusk, spring and autumn show travelers different pictures. Photographers love to head to Moon Bay to record Moon Bay’s different beautiful moment. Decorated by pristine forest, it becomes a colorful paradise in autumn.
Travelers can look down at Wolong Bay and Moon Bay with a whole view when you climb to Ceqi Flatform(侧碛平台)at the side of highway. Moon Bay seems within reach, but it is in a long distance in fact. It is unforgettable even travelers only have a glance at it and won’t forget in their life.

2. Climb to Guanyu Pavilion(观鱼亭) to have a whole view of Kanas Lake

Guanyu Pavilion is situated at Hala Kaite (哈拉开特)with a meaning of Camel Peak in Mongolian at a elevation of 2030 meters. There is a legend about Kanas Lake monster, so it is said that Guanyu Pavilion is the best place to see the monster. Travelers can also see the whole of Kanas Lake and snowy Friendship Peak (4374 meters high) which is the highest peak in Altai Mountains. In autumn, travelers can see colorful trees decorated around the lake.

3. Enjoy a foggy morning in Hemu Village

Hemu Village is surrounding by mist in the morning, which is much popular scenery in Kanas.

4. Take pictures of golden Birch Forest in autumn

At the end of September, thousands of birch trees turn into golden. Walking in the birch forest and taking photos are pleased things to do in Kanas.

5. Experience Tuvas culture in Tuvas Village(图瓦村)

Tuvas Village is located 2 to 3 km of Kanas Valley at the south bank of Kanas Lake. It is on the must-visit way from Burgin County to Kanas Lake. With marvelous natural scenery, the village is the place where more than 100 Tuvas families live in. The Tuvas live in pine wooden houses with pagoda shape. Tuvas people believe in that they are descendents of Mongolia. Travelers can explore their unique and long history and rich culture in the village.

Solo Adventure Tips:


 In the north of Burqin County, Altai Area, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. (新疆维吾尔族自治区•阿勒泰布尔津县境北部)

How to Get There?

By air: Traveler can take a direct flight to Kanas from Urmqi (the provincial capital of Xinjiang) with a 50-minute journey.
By train: Travelers have to take a train at Urmqi to Beitun(北屯)and transfer a coach to Kanas.
By coach: Take a sleeping coach to Burqin County(布尔津县),and then transfer a bus to Kanas Lake.

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09:00-19:00 (Mon-Fri); 10:00-15:00(on weekends)

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Telephone: 0906-6524464

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