Lujiao Wan Scenery Area

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Brief Introduction:

Lujiao Wan is the low valley hill belt in Habinai Mountain. It stretches as far as Big South Gully in the east and Bayin Gully in the west. It connects the high Habinai Mountain in the south and it borders with Boer Tonggu town government in the north. The surface of the pasture is quite plain and it stretch as far as the eye can see. It occupies an area of 50 square meters. The Lujiao Wan area used to be a place for Tianshan red deer to reproduce. Flocks of red deer come off horn shells there every year. You will find many deer horn shells in mountain streams and river banks. Lujiao (lujiao means deer horn in Chinese) Wan got its name from this.

The grass in Lujiao Wan is abundant and the resource of water is plentiful. So there are many flocks of cows and sheep. You can ride on the fine horse in the pasture to anywhere you want to go. Sometimes you can see the far distance horizon. While in the cool wind, you will refresh yourself.

At the southern part of Lujiao Wan is a high mountain which is more than four thousand meters high. At the mountain slope a lot of spruces are planted there. Every spruce looks like a tent. The spruces forest is green and thick. Under the trees, there are deer, snow chickens, wild sheep, and snow leopards moving around. The snow at the top of the high mountain is very white. The snow accumulated in the mountain top looks really white.

You will feel cold when you see the snow shining under the sunlight. The natural scenery in Lujiao Wan is beautiful. The combination of scenery spots is well matched. Lujiao Wan will make you feel that the scenery has gradations. “One mountain has scenery of four seasons, and ten kilometers’ length has different skies” is the vivid description of the scenery in Lujiao Wan.

It is the ideal tourist destination. Every summer, thousands of visitors from both home and abroad come there. The governments of Yili autonomous prefecture and Tacheng District had held Aken singing contest, a traditional program of Kazak, and minority sports meetings in Lujiao Wan. At that time, more than ten thousand people gathered in Lujiao Wan. The gatherings are unprecedented.     


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you can take a bus in Shawan County.

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from 9:00 to 19:00

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