Nalaty Grassland

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Brief Introduction:

Nalaty scenery spot makes the upper reaches of Kunes River and the hillside field of North Slope of Nalaty Mountain as the main spot. It occupies an area of eight hundred square kilometers. Nalaty not only has special grassland scenery of west region, but also keeps heavy traditional Kazak customs.

The residents in Nalaty grassland are mainly Kazak people. However, the word Nalaty is not a Kazak word, it is a Mongolian word. It is said that the word takes form when Mongolian conquered Central Asia. It means the place in which the sun is first seen. It was the time when Genghis Khan made his west conquest. One day, a group of army moved from the depth of Tianshan Mountain to Yili.

It was spring at that time, however, snow and strong wind filled the whole area. Hunger and coldness made this group of army feel very tired. They did not want to move on any more. But when they climb across a hill, everything had changed. The scenery before them was beautiful grassland. There are many springs scattered in the grassland and the water in the streams there looks very clean. It seemed that they entered into another world. It was at that moment that the sun came out from the clouds. The soldiers could not help shouting “Nalaty, Nalaty”. After that time, Nalaty became the name of this grassland.

In history, Nalaty was a place which had teemed with horses and deer. It was called the garden of deer at one time. According to the Geographic Records of West Region, a book written by the famous scholar Xu Song of Qing dynasty, Nalaty was a place “full of deer, and so it is called garden of deer”. Until recent, red deer, procapra gutturosa( a kind of sheep), woodchucks, foxes can be frequently seen in Nalaty grassland.

Every year from June to September, the grass in Nalaty is very green and the wild flowers blossom anywhere. The scattered Kazak tents in the grassland sprang up like mushrooms. This makes the grassland look more active and dynamic. The grassland meetings of Yili autonomous prefecture and Xinyuan County were mainly held there. Visitors can enjoy the floating, hunting, climbing up the mountain, fishing at the bank of the river, gliding in grassland, touring Tianshan Mountain riding horses, watching magnificent traditional recreational programs in no more than three kilometers centered the tourist village. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities that can only be held in grassland.

The overall investment worthy more than 160 millions RMB Nalaty airport is under construction. The airport is 60 kilometers from the Nalaty scenery spot and it can afford big planes taking off and landing on. Usually visitors who go to Nalaty, no matter they go there by bus or by air, they first arrive at Yining city from Urmqi, and then take buses or cars to Nalaty. It is more than two hundred kilometers from Yining to Nalaty. The building of Nalaty airport will shorten the time from Urmqi to Nalaty. It only cost visitors less than an hour to arrive at Nalaty.


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there are fewer buses from Yining city to Nalaty, so it is difficult to buy tickets. You can buy tickets that go to Xinyuan, and then you can take buses in Xinyuan to Nalaty.

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the whole day.

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