Sayrim Lake

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Brief Introduction:

If you take a bus from Urmqi to Yili, when the bus arrive at Taer Kansikai mountainous area situates in southwest of Bole County, you will see “the water and the sky blending in one color” Sayrim Lake. Sayrim in Kazak language means wishes. The lake is also called “Santaihaizi”.

The lake surface is 2073 meters above sea level and the lake occupies an area of over 450 square kilometers. Sayrim Lake is cold water lake (even in summer when you put your hands into the water, you will feel very cold). Usually the water in the lake is stable and the surroundings of the lake are silent.

Only the sound of wind that flows across the grassland and the slope and the crying of cows and sheep can be heard sometimes. Every year during summer and autumn, the grassland near the lake looks green and all the flowers nearby are in full bloom.

The water in the lake is clean and blue. In distance, snow covered peaks tower aloft. The forest not far looks like a green sea. In the grassland and slopes near the lake tents scatter. The sheep look like drifting clouds. Every year from July 12th to 15th, the people of Mongolian and Kazak there will gather together and hold Nadam Festival. The festival is held to celebrate harvest and pray for harvest the next year. During the festival, many recreational activities will be held such as horse racing, biting sheep, girls’ chasing, and wrestling. The programs bring Sayrim Lake life. There are also many fish and flying birds reside in the lake.


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you can get there by bus from Bole County

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the whole day

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