The tomb of Tughluq Temur Khan

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Brief Introduction:

Tughluq Temur Khan is seventh generation descendant of Genghis Khan. And also he was a Čaqadai Ulus khan with many legends. In the year 1346, the then 16 years old Tughluq Temur became the khan of Tuersitan kingdom. At the age of 18, Tughluq Temur believed in Islam. In the year 1352, he forced his 160 thousand Mongolian subjects to convert to Islam.

This accelerated the spread of Islam in Xijiang. In March of 1360, he started a war in River Area, and integrated the Čaqadai Ulus kingdom for a short time. In 1363, Tughluq Temur Khan died and he was buried in eastern suburb of Alimale city, namely the present the northeastern part of Huocheng County.

His subjects built a large scale tomb of vault style for him. The front door of the tomb faces east and the front wall was built using 26 different sizes glazed tiles. The glazed tiles were main purple, blue, and white and the tiles made up different geometrical patterns.

The top of the door was also built by blue glazed tiles and there was eulogy carved in Arab language. The whole building looks solemn, classic, and magnificent. Inside the tomb there are no wooden crossbeams. Visitors can get on the top of the building using stairs. There is another vault style tomb lying beside the tomb of Tughluq Temur Khan, but it is smaller than that of Tughluq Temur Khan. It is said that this smaller tombs belongs to the younger sister of Tughluq Temur Khan. And this tomb was kept intact too.


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