Wusu hot spring

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Brief Introduction:

Wusu hot spring belongs to firing spring. In view of geographic formation, it situates in the southern live fault of Junggar Basin. This fault formed a 20 kilometers long fault cliff in area of Wusu hot spring. The fault made the stones under the area of Wusu hot spring break up, and the underground heat sprang up from the cracks and formed the hot spring.

The water in Wusu hot spring is very clean, and the temperature is quite high. It is 43 to 45 degrees C. In April 1993 the bio-chemical teaching and researching section of biology school in Xinjiang University confirmed that the water in Wusu hot spring teems with H2S which can be used to cure skin diseases, rheumarthristis, eczema and so on. The working mechanism behind this is that because the temperature of the water is high and the water contains a dozen of mineral elements such as Ca, K, Mg, B, Cl, Li, the water helps accelerate blood circulation and adjust metabolism. Thus the water reaches the effect of curing diseases and keeping fit. The mouth of Wusu hot spring is more than one. It also has eye spring, god spring and so on. It is said that the eye spring can help brighten eyes and can also cure eye diseases. The god spring helps cure stomach diseases and neurasthenia. All in all, every mouth of the dozen mouths of spring has its special function. Common people thought the spring was given by God.

Wusu hot spring and several valleys near the hot spring are all covered by spruces. The spruces forests look like a sea and they look really green. Snow chickens, red deer can be seen sometimes. Under the trees, there is green grass, and the grass looks fresh. Codonopsis tangshen Oliv, the bulb of fritillary and some other valuable medicinal materials can be seen anywhere under the trees. The weather in the mountainous area is pleasant, and moist. The scenery there is beautiful and it is a good place for touring, convalesces, summer and holidays. Now, the Trade Unions in Wusu city and Dushanzi mining company set up convalescent hospitals there. The hostipals have already had the capacity of receiving two hundred people one day. The rooms in the hospitals can be classified into three ranks: high, middle and low. This can meet different visitors’ needs. Besides those, the convalescent hospitals also have health clinics, dining rooms, singing and dancing halls, conference rooms, TV sets and telecommunication equipments.

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you can get there by bus from Wusu County.

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from 9:00 to 19:00

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