Yili River

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Brief introduction of the spot:

The Yili River was also named Lie River, Yilii River in the past and has always been the important river which concerns the farmlands in the northwest. In the ancient times, Sai people, Yueshi people, Wusun people and Wilipedia people lived in the valley of the river. The western expedition army of the Tang Dynasty and the horse army of Genghis khan once crossed the choppy river by woods and rafts.

The Yili River originates from the west part of the Tianshan Mount. in Xinjiang Province and covers an area of approximately 570,000 kilometers in China. There are three main branches in the upper reaches of the Yili River, namely, Tekesi River, Gongnaisi River, and Kashigar River. The Tekesi River is the major branch among the three, originating from the north part of Hantengri Feng.

During its westward flow to Yilin, the Yili River receives the Kashigar River then flows to a broad valley plain. The riverbed becomes very broad and there are a lot of small branches connected by aqueducts, forming a network. After receiving Huoerguosi River on the right, it flows into Kazhydromet and finally empties into Balkhash Lake. It is about 400 kilo miles in China.

In the upper and lower reaches of the Yili River, the water flows gently. Within the Chinese boundaries, steamships are available from the Yama wharf to the border. Near the Yilin City, the riverbed is as broad as 1 kilo mile. There are a great number of flood lands and the river is branching off, which lead to an abundance of islands. The scenery is beautiful and it is a good resort for summer.

The grand bridge of the Yili River is a hyperbolic arch bridge made of reinforced concrete. Along the river has been set up a river-bank park coving over 1,000 mus, which has already become a wonderful place for people to spend their holidays. Whenever on vacation, people will gather here and light need fire.

They will boil fresh fish, toast mutton, and drink to their heart. Then, they will dance and play on the grass and enjoy the fun of playing in the North of the Great Wall. With the further opening-up of the area, the start of water carriage of the Yili River and the repair and maintenance of the grand bridge of the Yili River, the spot will be more beautiful and comfortable.


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you can take bus there in the downtown of the Yilin City.

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whole day

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