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Laolongtan is located in the east of Liupanshan Mountain, 20km southwest of Jingyuan County. It is consisted of four waterfalls. In the lower reaches of a reservoir, the first and second waterfalls are mysterious with steep precipice, and deep ponds. The third waterfall is submerged by the reservoir. When the mist is floating and the sun is projected on the water surface, it looks like a magic mirror, fantastic and splendid. In the upper reaches is the forth waterfall, winding as a dragon and limpid to the bottom. Mountains lie beside the water, and look at the reflections in the water, creating picturesque scenery.

It is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also known for its mystical legend. It is said that it is the right place where Weizheng (a chancellor of Tang Dynasty) beheaded the Dragon King of the Jin River and the red stone in the waterfall is the blood of the Dragon King.

Hugged by water and surrounded by mountains, Laolongtan is like a fairyland where your soul can be purified and your imaginations will be stimulated.

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