Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum

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Located in the Chengtiansi Temple, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum is a provincial historical museum. The construction of it was started in 1959, and was finished in 1973. There are more than 10,000 collections among which are famous cultural relics such as Songta Ink-stick of Han Dynasty and gold inlaid bronze bull of West Xia Dynasty. Most of the cultural relics in the museum are of high archaeological value.

The exhibits in the museum are mainly divided into four districts: "Historical Relics of Ningxia", "Cultural Relics of West Xia Dynasty", "Revolutionary relics of Ningxia" and "Folk custom Relics of Hui Nationality". In the Historical Relics of Ningxia District, over 400 relics including paleolith, zoolith, bronze, iron ware, bamboo ware, brick sculpture and currency are exhibited. In the Cultural Relics of West Xia Dynasty District, there are over 200 relics including stone horse and gold inlaid bronze bull. In the Revolutionary relics of Ningxia District, the real objects exhibited with pictures reflect the early activities of Chinese Communist Party in Ningxia. And in the Folk custom Relics of Hui Nationality District, the relics, pictures and models which present the formation, religion, buildings, cultural life, marriage, funeral of Hui Nationality are on show.

In the museum, you can feel the richness of the culture in Ningxia.

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It is located in the Chengtiansi Temple which is in the southwest of the ancient city Yinchuan.

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8:00-18:00 from Thursday to Sunday

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