Sand Lake Scenic Resort

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In possession of nearly 10,000mu water areas, 5,000mu sandbanks, 2,000mu bulrush, 1,000mu lotus root ponds, Shahu Lake district is abundant in fishes and fowls. Here inhabits a dozen of rare birds, such as white cranes, black cranes, swans and so on. You can have an overlook of birds’ sporting from the Sight-seeing Tower. Numerous birds’ nests are nidificated in the bulrush bush, especially at the root of the bulrush. Every spring, birds’ eggs of all colors intersperse in the bulrush bush, forming a marvelous spectacle.

Besides various breeds of birds, Shahu Lake district boasts for its fishes. In the aquarium on the south bank of Shahu Lake, you will see several dozens of rare fishes, including Wuchang fish, rare-seen in the north part of China, giant salamanders and giant turtle, measuring 1meter around the body.

There are many recreational activities on the west bank of the lake, such as shafting sand, riding camel, riding horse, fishing, gliding, playing volleyball on the sand, playing football and taking  sight-seeing planes.


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How to Get There?
There are special traveling lines from south entrance of Yinchuan to Shahu Lake district, 10yuan RMB per person

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Opening Hours:
8:00 to 18:00

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Recommended Visiting Hours: A day

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