The Haibao Pagoda

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Haibao Pagoda, also called "Hebao Pagoda" and "Heibao Pagoda", is located in the Haibao Pagoda Temple, 2km north of Yinchuan downtown. Since it is in the north of the city, local people also call it West Pagoda. It is elegant and beautiful, simple and unique. As an excellent ancient building, it has stood on that land for at least 1500 years and is regarded as one of the eight most famous sights of northern China.

It is a brick pagoda of pavilion style with 9 stories. Consisted of base, body and spire, it is 53.9 meters high. Looked from distance, it is square in shape. Tourists can reach the top of the pagoda by climbing up the stairs. There are some vaulted gateways on each story, which can not only help to admit air and light but also supply more chances for tourists to overlook the surroundings.

Haibao Pagoda has suffered a lot. It had ever been damaged by earthquake for two times. After liberation, the national government paid a lot of attention to it. In 1961, it was listed as one of the important cultural relic sites under state-level protection. Besides, the local government also attaches importance to it and renovated it.

Nowadays, Haibao Pagoda is not only the holy land for Buddhists, but also the paradise for tourists.

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You can take a bus in the Yinchuan Bus Station to get there.

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10 yuan

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