The Shuidonggou Ruins

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Shuidonggou Ruins, 60 kilometers away from the Yinchuan city, is located on a precipice of Shuidonggou, Linhe town, Wuling city. It is one of the oldest ruins in China with abundant materials in the late Paleolithic age. Found by the Belgians Kent in 1919, those ruins have a history of 30,000 years. Fossils of dzigettai, rhinoe, antelope, cattle, pig and other animals along with more than 11,000 different pieces of stone tools were founded there. And the exhumation of Shuidonggou Ruins showed that human beings were propagated there more than 30,000 years ago, in the Paleolithic age.

In 1963, a comprehensive excavation was carried on under the guidance of the famous ancient Chinese anthropologists and archaeologists. This exploration had for the first time proved that Shuidonggou Ruins was not ancient ruins of a single era by substances in the stratum. In the lower layers, there are Paleolithic cultural relics, and in the upper layers are the relics of the Neolithic age. It well proved that human beings had been living in the Shuidonggou area since 3 million years ago, and continued to live there for a long time.


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Shuidonggou Ruins, located on a precipice of Shuidonggou, Linhe twon, Wuling city, is 60 kilometers away from the Yinchuan city.

How to Get There?

You can get on the relief road of Yinqing highway and go directly to the Shuidonggou Ruins.

Ticket Price:

40 Yuan

Opening Hours:

From 8:00 to 18:30

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Buying a ticket, you can get a small gift and have a chance to visit the Shuidonggou Ruins museum for free.

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