Jin'e Hill Park

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It is an important spot of the key point of interest of Yueyang Pavilion and Dongting Lake. the highest peak has an altitude of 97 meters. In the park, there are rich cultural and natural sceneries. Jin’e Hill has a long history and is a very important fort in military. The park was built in 1976 and has come into being the culture area with the east door as axis, the play area with north door as axis, the flower and miniascape area with south door as axis, while the northeast corner is sight-seeing area and the southwest and northwest corners are friendship garden and sightseeing area. Here, you can listen to the legend of fish hawk fighting against snake, have a look at Wenchang Pavilion as well as the ancient city. Jin’e Confucius Academy, an ancient building with green brick and bluish green tiles, shows the massiness of Chinese traditional culture. In the north of the main peak, there locate Jin’e Pavilion, from where one can have a general view of Dongting Lake. Kuixing Pavilion is located in the east of peak, which is elegant and of ancient style.

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public bus No 21

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Recommended time: 2 hours

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