Miluo River

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Miluo River originates from Muhu Mountain of Jiangxi, stretching as far as 253 kilometers. It flows to Dongting Lake at last. Along the banks of Miluo River, there are villages, with beautiful trees, grasses and of nice folkway, showing a picture of typical riverside villages in south China. There locate the tomb of Qu Yuan and Quzi Temple.

Qu Yuan was born in about 340 BC in a noble family at Leping Village, Zigui County, Hubei Province. He was smart in management and had good memory. He became an important official when he was young. He changed politics and attached importance to the enforcement of laws, which were against by some of the nobles. Qu Yuan was expelled to southern China and arrived at Mi Luo, where he spent his last nine years of life.

According to legend, his masterpiece “Li Sao”, “Jiu Ge” and some part of “Jiu Zhang” were written near Mi Luo River. On Chinese Lunar Calendar May 5th, Qu Yuan jumped into Mi Luo River with a stone. It is said that, after Qu Yuan jumped into the river, people along the rivers rowed boats rescue him. Gradually, it has become a tradition to have dragon boat competition on May 5th, to memorize great patriot Qu Yuan. In Han Dynasty, local people built Quzi Temple at Yusi Hill near Miluo River. The Quzi Temple existed nowadays was the one rebuilt during Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty.

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it is 69 kilometers from Yueyang to Miluo. Train K511 departed from Yueyang at 16:20 arrives at Miluo at 17:09; train K534 departed from Miluo at 8:04 arrives at Yueyang at 8:50.

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whole day

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Recommended time: one hour

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