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Yueyang Food

Last updated by  at 2017/6/19

Yueyang Featured Food:

Huobei Fish

the small fishes are from the pond of Pingjiang. The fish is tender and delicatd. It can be fried or cook with water. The fried fishes are crisp and quite delicious. With capsicum, vegetables, the fish soup is so fresh.

Spicy Small Fishes

the fishes are from Xiang River. The process of making the spicy small fishes is quite strict and complicated. After products are spicy and very delicious, a good snack when drinking wine.

Smoked Mallard Bar

it is the famous food of Yueyang Lake area where there are many mallard. After the mallard is smoked, its bones are removed and it is chopped into bars, mixed with seasonings such as cress, gingers, salt, sesame oil, etc.

Bean Curd With Vinegar

the normal method of making bean curd is with plaster. But this kind of bean curd is specially made with vinegar, with a special taste.

Junshan Chicken With Yinzhen Tea

Junshan Yinzhen tea is the famous tea of Yueyang. Cook fresh chicken with Yinzhen tea can keep the tender of chicken while create the faint scent of tea.