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Yueyang Shopping

Yueyang Local Products:

Tortoise And Cobra Wine

this wine is made from five kinds of foodstuff with the liquid made from tortoise and cobra, added with 10 kinds of medicine materials. The wine is red and transparent, with good taste and rich nutrition. It is good for health. Legend: Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty wanted to be an immortal when he was old. He heard that there were immortals living in Junshan of Dongting Lake and one could be immortal after drinking the wine of immortals, so he sent people to get wine there. This kind of “wine of immortals” is actually tortoise and cobra wine. Because this wine is good for health, so the local people called it “wine of immortals”.

Junshan Yinzhen Tea

It has a long history. After put into water, the tea and stand straight in the water. The tea made is golden and has a quite pure taste.

Yuezhou Fan

Yuezhou fan has a history of several hundred years. With its unique art style, it enjoys a good reputation with the fans of Suzhou and Hangzhou. There are more than 200 kinds of fans, such as paper fan, silk fan, feather fan, bone fan, palace fan, wood fan, etc.

Chuanshan Embroidery

Chuanshan embroidery is the masterpiece of traditional folk arts. It has a long history and is passed down from one generation to another. The products are sold to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Chuanshan is called the town of embroidery. The main products include quilt cover, pillowslip, bedgown, curtain, tablecloth, etc. It is one of the four great special local products of international trade in Hunan Province.

Gold Turtle

the sides of the turtle are golden. There is a crack in the belly and it divides the turtle into two parts. This kind of turtles doesn’t have egesta and can move freely even have no food for three years. It is also a precious medicine, with rich protein and high value of nutrition. It has the function of enriching blood, hemostasia, strengthening heart, kidney and the whole body.

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