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Yueyang Transport

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There is civil aviation airport in Yueyang. One has to go to Changsha or Wuhan to take plane.

Yueyang Sanhe Air Ticket Office: 0730-248888, 0730-8221111

Baling Air Ticket Office: 0730-8842410, 0730-8821111

Yueyang Railway Station is located at Xiangfenglu of the downtown. One can take public bus No 5, 15, 17 or 36. Beijing - Guangzhou railway passes Yueyang City. From Yueyang, there are trains departing to Changsha , Guangzhou, Guilin , Nanning, Beijing.

There are many trains shunt between Yueyang and Changsha City. It takes about one and half hours to travel between the two.

Yueyang Railway Ticket Office: 0730-1601600

Yueyang Railway Station Information Telephone: 0730-8256122

Yueyang Railway Station Information Desk: 0730-3241222

There are four Long-distance Bus Stations in Yueyang City, which are Yueyang City Bus Station in the cross of Baolingzhonglu and Chengdongbeilu, the bus station at Jianshebeilu, Baling Bus Station at Chengdongnanlu and the new bus station at Balingdonglu.

There are intercity buses to Guangzhou , Nanning, Wuhan , Changsha , etc.

Yueyang City Bus Station Information and Ticket Telephone: 0730-8227458

Yueyang is near Dongting Lake, with convenient waterways. Lingji Port of Yueyang is the biggest Port in Hunan Province. From here, one can take ship to Chongqing , Shanghai , Nanjing , etc. It can be reached by public bus No 22. Behind Yueyang Pavilion, there is a passenger port, from where one can take ship to Junshan Island, also with ships to Nanjing, Jiujiang and Hankou. It can be reached by public bus No 29.

Yueyang City Port Information Desk: 0730-8592439

Yueyang City Port Information Desk: 0873-8319121

Yueyang Pavilion Dock Telephone: 0730-8319121

 Public Bus

All the scenic spots nearby can be reached by public bus.


Flag-fall price RMB5/2 kilometers, RMB 1.5/ kilometers after that

Taxi Trouble Call: 0730-8224244

Taxi Management Call: 0730-8841143