Cili Bark of Eucommia

Bark of Eucommia is also called Euonymus, which is a kind of arbor with wide leaves and leaf in the shape of vertical egg. Its bark can be used as medicine. Its fruit tastes bitter. The bark, fruit and leaves are abundant in Malaiz gun, from which superior gun of water-proof, insulation and adherence can be abstracted. It is the important material for the production of electric equipment, chemical and communicational materials. Meanwhile, bark of eucommia can be used as a medicine to strengthen bone and maintain vitality. It is specially used to cure disease of the waist. Cili Bark of Eucommia with beautiful texture and hard woodiness, is an ideal material in the fields of architecture, furniture, and craftworks. It has a good market at home and abroad and it is developed as one of the most important economic resource in Cili.

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