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Zhangjiajie Local Products:

Shangzhi Salted Bean Curd Cake

Shangzhi Salted Bean Curd Cake is a local special food. As early as the Xianfeng year in Qing Dynasty, Shangzhi County had been known for the production of salted bean curd cakes. At that time, the salted bean curd cakes had been listed among the articles to be tribute to the emperors. Today, scientific analysis shows that the salted bean curd cakes contain as much nutritive value as milk does and it may help to relieve heat, moisture dryness, produce body fluid, reduce body deposit, and so on. Therefore, those who like eating the salted bean curd cakes usually maintain a better skin than those who don’t. That is why it is also said to be a good beauty treatment too.

Cili Bark Of Eucommia

Bark of Eucommia is also called Euonymus, which is a kind of arbor with wide leaves and leaf in the shape of vertical egg. Its bark can be used as medicine. Its fruit tastes bitter. The bark, fruit and leaves are abundant in Malaiz gun, from which superior gun of water-proof, insulation and adherence can be abstracted. It is the important material for the production of electric equipment, chemical and communicational materials. Meanwhile, bark of eucommia can be used as a medicine to strengthen bone and maintain vitality. It is specially used to cure disease of the waist. Cili Bark of Eucommia with beautiful texture and hard woodiness, is an ideal material in the fields of architecture, furniture, and craftworks. It has a good market at home and abroad and it is developed as one of the most important economic resource in Cili.

Tortoise Veined Stone Carving

The unique arts craft of tortoise veined stone is formed on Mountain Tianzi fo Wuling in Zhangjiajie about 0.2 billion years ago. People call it tortoise stone because there are veins similar to that of tortoise. Most of the veined stone are made in the shape of tortoise and can be used as ink stone.

Tujia Stick Painting

Tujia Stick Painting is made on a triangle board. Paper, paint, and ink are not necessary in the painting. Instead, the painters use stones, bamboo sticks, bamboo shoots and rags. It has unique technique and high artic value. Pictures of the Wulingyuan natural scenery and old stockade villages of western Hunan can be revealed vividly in this way, which is the combination of Chinese painting and the material handwork. As a result, it has attracted people's attention both at home and abroad. Nowadays, such painting has got the national patent. In 1999, in the Kunming World Exhibition, visitors from home and abroad all sang high praise for the stick paintings made by a local folk painter named Lijunshen, a master in stick painting.

Stewed Chicken With Gastrodia Elata Soup

Stewed chicken with Gastrodia elata Soup is considered as a local esoteric receipt of nutriment. Gastrodia grows in eight mountains in Zhangjiajie. Those with golden and bright color are considered to be the first class. It can be used not only to build up health but also as a medicine to treat dizzy disease and stroke as well.

Tujia Maize Wine

Tujia Maize Wine is made from corn in the traditional local way. It is renowned in Zhangjiajie. The people of western Hunan province like to drink the Maize Wine in festival, because it tasets pure and pleasant.

Porridge With Pig Blood

Porridge with pig blood is a special food used in memorial ceremony for Tujia people. Every March, Tujia people usually kill pig to hold a ceremony to celebrate the birthday of a god - White Emperor, with the porridge with pig blood as a sacrifice. All the people present have to have a bowl of porridge. In addition, this is popular in New Year's time, and they usually offer a bowl to the visitors. When visitors come to the stockade, Tujia People use this to treat guest. You have to have a bowl.

Lobster Blossom Tea

Lobster Blossom Tea, which grows in the middle of mountains over four to ten hundreds meters high, and produced in the tea farms such as Yiwuan Shui, Cancha, Huangpo in Yongding area of Zhangjiajie, is one of the most famous teas in China.

Wuling Jewel

Tortoise stone is a local stone, which is fine and glossy, as hard as jade. It feels cool, with the texture of tortoise. Thus it is name tortoise stone. It is a rare stone,and after carving, it can be made into some unique jewels

Kudzu Powder

Kudzu powder is a natural nutrition refined from its root, which can relieve inflammation or fever promote the secretion of saliva and quench thirst. It may invigorate the function of the kidney, relieve uneasiness of body and mind, allay internal heart stress and improve eyesight. It also may profit the intestines and dispel the effect of alcohol. Clinical experiments show that it plays a role to resist arteriosclerosis and decrease blood pressure and prolong ones life.

Kudzu Root Tea—sweet Dew In Tujia Family

Kudzu Root Tea is a kind of natural drinking, which is rich in Ca, Fe, Cu, Zn, Se, and P, containing abundant vitamins and 18 amino acids. It is natural, unpolluted, and non-chemical.

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