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Best Time to Visit Zhangjiajie

Although there are many great times to visit Zhangjiajie, the best time over-all is late Autumn- the end of October, and throughout the month of November. Autumn is the beginning of the dry season, and the weather is not yet freezing, so it’s a great time to visit.

The rest of the year has many positives as well:
  • Spring is mild and pretty, making for good outdoors activities.
  • Summer is hot, with lots of water activities and sun.
  • Winter is cold and snowy, making for icy beautiful vistas. It takes place during low-tourist season as well, so prices are lower and there are far less other tourists to deal with.

Zhangjiajie Travel Time

Visiting Zhangjiajie during April to June

April and May are spring months, and Zhangjiajie is mild and beautiful, so it's a good time to see the park.

Zhangjiajie in spring Zhangjiajie in spring

June is the first summer month. The summer weather is sweltering, and it’s also the rainiest season, so it is difficult to do a lot of outdoor activities in the heavy rain, especially since most days of each month are rainy. Additionally, the summer is especially busy- entry fees, accommodation, etc. are all more expensive, and there are hordes of other tourists to deal with.

What to See

Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, River Rafting, Baofeng Lake, Glass Bridge Grand Canyon.

What to Wear

  • Bring a rain jacket and water-resistant/quick-dry clothes.
  • Sun protection- a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, long sleeves.
  • Water-resistant boots with good traction are great for hiking and the outdoors.

Tips for Visiting

Plan ahead. There are hordes of other tourists to deal with so make sure that you get transportation and accommodation in advance.
Be ready for sun, heat, and rain.

Visiting Zhangjiajie during July to August

During mid-summer, it’s the rainiest season in Zhangjiajie. Wispy rain clouds floating among the mountain peaks make for great scenery, if the constant precipitation doesn’t put you off.

Zhangjiajie in summer Zhangjiajie in summer

This is the hottest season as well- the average temperature is 26.85° Celsius (80.33° Fahrenheit). Summer is still high-tourist season, or shoulder season, so be prepared.

What to See

Tianmen Mountain, National Park Forest, River Rafting, Baofeng Lake, Glass Bridge Grand Canyon.

What to Wear

  • A rain jacket and quick-dry trousers.
  • Sun protection.
  • Good hiking/walking shoes (preferably water-resistant ones).
  • Don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water.

Tips for Visiting

Plan ahead due to the high numbers of tourists. Bring extra money as everything will be more expensive thanks to high demand.
Be ready for monsoon temperatures and rain.

Visiting Zhangjiajie during September to November

September, October, and November are some of the best- and worst- times to visit Zhangjiajie park. In the first week of October, national holiday brings in extremely high levels of tourists.

However, during the autumn season, the weather is gorgeous, and November, with its mild cool weather and low tourist count makes for one of the best times to visit. If you can avoid the holidays, then this season is the best time to visit Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie Autumn Zhangjiajie in autumn

The rain also lets up in November, particularly during the second part of the month, so visitors won’t get as soaked as they enjoy the outdoors.

What to See

Tianmen Mountain, National Park Forest, Tianmen Mountain, Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, Yellow Dragon Cave.

What to Wear

  • A few layers- it gets colder at night, and on top of the windswept peaks. Bring a hat and gloves if you are sensitive to the cold.
  • A rain jacket (it still rains a lot in early autumn)
  • Hiking/walking boots.
  • Sun protection (if you visit in September or October).

Tips for Visiting

Try to avoid National Day Holiday (usually October 1-8). It is the most crowded time of the year in Zhangjiajie.

Visiting Zhangjiajie during December to March

This season is fantastic if you love snowy vistas. If you can take the cold, then this season is one of the best times to visit Zhangjiajie. The snow-covered peaks visible December to February make for once in a lifetime scenery, while the cold weather keeps most tourists at bay.

Zhangjiajie in winter Zhangjiajie in winter

The mountains are tranquil and picturesque in the snow, while the lack of other visitors means you can play it by ear. Entrance to the park and hotels will be much cheaper than the summer and autumn.

What to See

Tianmen Mountain, National Park Forest, Tianmen Mountain, Yellow Dragon Cave.

What to Wear

  • Bring a warm coat and plenty of layers. It gets very cold, especially on top of the windy peaks.
  • Sturdy boots that can handle hiking, snow, and ice, are especially important
  • A hat and gloves.

Will Zhangjiajie snow?

Snow can never be guaranteed, but December through February tend to be the months during which it snows in Zhangjiajie. Usually by the end of February to early March, the snow has turned to rain.

Tips for Visiting

Enjoy the tranquility of having significantly less other tourists around.
Bring your layers with you when you go out, it gets a lot colder at night and on top of the high peaks than it is in the valley.

How to Avoid Crowds?

Spring and summer are the high-crowd seasons, so try to plan your trip during late autumn or early winter.

Additionally, make sure to plan your trips on dates which are not holidays, the following holidays in China see large amounts of tourists in Zhangjiajie:

  • Spring Festival (varies from year to year);
  • 1st week of May (Labor Day holiday);
  • October 1-8 (Chinese National Day Holiday) – brings in the biggest crowds.

Visiting Zhangjiajie with Us

our customer exloring Zhangjiajie

Exploring Zhangjiajie

Weather in Zhangjiajie is seasonal, and thus varies month-to-month. How to maximize your travel experience when it’s bad? If you tour Zhangjiajie with us, our experienced English-speaking guides will escort you and adjust your itinerary according to the weather changes. They are local and know everything about Zhangjiajie.

Please feel free to share with us your tour ideas. We look forward to serving you soon! Perhaps one of our best Zhangjiajie tours will interest you: