Bell and Drum Tower

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Bell and Drum Tower is located at the center of Zhangye City, where four main streets converge. The tower also known as Jingyuan Tower is the largest well preserved  tower in Gansu Corridor (the historical route in Gansu province, passing Lanzhou, Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Dunhuang).

Bell and Drum Tower was built during the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1507). The 30-meter-high base of the building is made up of brick: 32 meters in width and 9 meters in length.

The tower consists of three-tier wood-pyramid structure that has delicate design and majestic model. It is definitely a traditional ethnic architecture building of China.

After stepping at the top of the tower, you will find four traditional Chinese carved panels covered with brush calligraphy of famous artists.

The clock tower is situated on the southeast of Bell and Drum Tower, which was used for time telling or fire alarming. The clock tower owns a height of 1.3 meter and diameter of 1.15 meter, weighing more than 600 kilograms. The most important thing is the clock tower was made up of copper alloy. Therefore, it produces sonorous jow that can be heard in every corner of the whole city. 

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At the center of Zhangye City

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